An estimated 3,100,000 children are orphaned in Tanzania (UNICEF et al. 2012). Most orphaned children are cared for by family members or communities in some way.However, many of these families are living in poverty and have a hard time providing for even a single meal. Poverty is the biggest causal factor displacing children to the orphanages.

In many orphanages in Tanzania, a child is considered a social orphan, even when they have at least one living parent, but due to poverty or abuse they are unable to stay with their own family. Children in orphanages are provided a safe environment in which they can grow, have a safe place to sleep, get regular food and schooling. More importantly, children in orphanages are given a stable environment which they would not find at home or with a relative.

Green Pastures Orphanage in Tanzania, located close to our factory, was set up by a very passionate pastor who has been caring for the 50+ orphans in the home. Due to shortage of funds it was getting impossible for the orphanage to provide for new facilities or take care of the existing infrastructure. Their kitchen was an enclosure made up of aluminium roofing sheets and cooking was done over wood collected from the surrounding areas.

Keeping in tune with our community development efforts, Wild Plains Foods took over the responsibility of developing the infrastructure for the orphanage. This included tiled flooring, roofing, development of a new kitchen, renovation of toilets, and installing water tanks.

All the children here have experienced extreme hardship in their early lives but still manage to stay incredible and inspirational. They have an uncanny ability to bounce back and exude happiness. Interestingly, they know all about different cultures and have aspirations of travelling across the world, becoming teachers, actors, and lawyers.

Together, we are able to ensure that their dreams are not held back!

The project solution

School for Kids

The entire project

30-50 children

Estimated date

March, 2018