Matipwili school, Tanzania- A boarding school with a population of about 250 students. With temperatures reaching as high as 40°C in the summers, students were living without a proper supply of water for their daily needs. The dearth of access to clean water made them miss classes, drop out of school, and become vulnerable to waterborne diseases and being attacked by the crocodiles.

Ever since the school was established, there was always an acute shortage of water. The nearest water source was a crocodile-inhabited “Wami” river, about 3 kilometers away. With the absence of an alternate source, students would walk all the way to the river, about two to three times a day, to get sufficient water (in buckets) for their own and schools needs. Water was required for the school’s daily activities like upkeep of toilets, cleaning of premises, and for cooking meals. At times, even the meals for the students were delayed because of the lack of water. Gaining reasonable access to clean water was critical for the sustainability of the boarding school and for the uninterrupted education of the students.

Being a integral part of our community, the problems faced by the boarding school did not go unnoticed. Working directly with the school authorities, we at Wild Plains Foods, carried out detailed groundwater survey and installed a bore well with a hand pump in the school premises. The borewell is approximately 100 meters in depth, has a 8 inch diameter and a water capacity of 1000 liters/hour. We’ve also imparted training to the relevant staff at the school to ensure the sustainable operation and maintenance of their bore well.

When you buy a pack of Wild Plains foods, you have helped us ensure that nobody needs to choose between water and education.

The project solution

Water availability

The entire project

300 students & teachers

Estimated date

31 December, 2016