Good for you & those most in need of your help

There’s plenty of places to spend money. There’s also plenty of places to donate money to help Impact lives.
How about eating something healthy to Impact lives?

Every pack of Wild Plains Foods purchased funds education, health & hygiene, sustainable farming, conservation & community development projects in East Africa.

The various projects we have a been a part of have made us realize more than ever how so many lives are enhanced by sharing and opening up of your hearts space; how we can use everything we have: the resources & the knowledge to touch and impact the lives of people around us.



The one true reward in life comes from the knowledge that you have been able to impact a life. This impact is your legacy as a person, as a brand or as a company. This is the legacy we set out to create when we first started Wild Plains Foods. Every time we see the happy faces of the people we have been able to Impact, it only sets us out to do more.



We’ve recently completed another project with an orphanage in Tanzania (more on this soon!). Thanks to our supporters like you, many kids will now have clean water, thanks to you they will have hygienic and better living conditions. All the children here have experienced extreme hardship in their early lives but still manage to stay incredible and inspirational with an uncanny ability to bounce back and exude happiness.
Thank you for making the decision to pick up a Wild Plains Foods snack pack to help them.


Good for you


Making a small change to your everyday shopping habits is having a huge impact to the lives of many!


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