How you have helped us Impact 50+ Children

The emotional, social, environmental and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

What do you think happens to an average orphan child? Without the support of a caring elder, the survivors, often end up in fields that criminalize them. Child labor, child traffickers & relatives looking for a personal slave is all they have to turn to. The ones that don’t make it to adulthood die because of issues related to malnutrition, hygiene, diseases etc. The end result can be truly heart breaking.  In a scenario such as this, Orphanages come as the rescuer to the millions of kids around the world.

We’re here to tell you about one such orphanage: Green Pastures, with 50+ orphans living under the same roof.

Some of the children in this orphanage have families that love them but are born into poverty with a single parent or a disabled parent and in a place without any community/government support. Most orphanages in Tanzania take children out of their poor families, families in which children have been orphaned due to HIV, malaria & other diseases. They may live with a relative, a neighbor, on the street or in the jungles and subjected to one of the prior mentioned issues. A lot of them are statistically not counted as orphans, but by attributes associated with neglect, they have the same outcome for the child. In a lot of ways, these children, due to their status, end up being neglected & the impending danger to their lives, misunderstood.

Good for you

Unlike what is commonly thought or written about with respect to the kind of care given in orphanages, this orphanage is run by a kind Pastor. This orphanage promises education and welfare- something their families cannot give. Sadly, the reality is that even though the love for children is in abundant here, it lacked the infrastructure that would be termed basic in any developed country.

Working with the orphanage, Wild Plains Foods has successfully developed the infrastructure for Green Pastures Orphanage. This has included tiling the previously cemented flooring, development of a kitchen, renovation of toilets, installing water tanks & providing new mattresses. We are continually working with Green Pastures to ensure that the children have all they need.

We believe that, if you give children what they need to thrive, not just survive we can break the cycle that creates orphans in the first place.

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