Substitute Candy For Something Healthy This Halloween

Halloween’s right around the corner, and you know what that means – little trick-or-treaters demanding candy at your doorstep.

How about doing them (and their dentists) a favor this year by replacing the candy with these healthier alternatives?

Dried Fruits

Skip the processed sugar and additives by giving away little chunks of dried fruits. Naturally colorful and packed with nutrients, their chewy texture also makes them fun for the kids (and adults!) to munch on.

Granola Bars

Not only are they easy to make in bulk, you can also customize them with your favorite dried fruits (it’s best to avoid nuts as they might trigger allergies). Mini-sized bars wrapped in themed paper make great Halloween giveaways.


Mini Jack-o’-Lanterns

Sneak fresh fruit into the kids’ baskets by disguising them as this Halloween favorite. All you have to do is draw or paint Jack-o’-lantern faces on little tangerines or clementines. Have fun coming up with creative expressions.

Honey Sticks

Sweet, sticky, and fun to eat – honey sticks are all that candy is, minus the harmful chemicals. You can source them from organic honey farms, or make your own by sealing honey in broad straws. Earn brownie points with the kids by dressing up as a bee to hand these out.

Organic Fruit Juice

Let’s face it, trick-or-treating is tiring work; the kids will appreciate something refreshing to sip on. Make your own juice, or buy mini cartons that you can decorate with Halloween wrapping paper for some holiday flavor.

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