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We’re never too busy to talk to you! So if you have a question that hasn’t already been answered here, please feel free to drop us a line at- care@wildplainsfoods.com. The only thing more important than making sure that the fruits and their flavours are awesome for you, is talking to you about how awesome they are!

  • Honestly- Why Wild Plains Foods?
    • Drying fruits and vegetables at a temperature of 51°C partially kills enzymes. At 55°C Vitamin C and other enzymes are killed. Enzymes are what help break down the food in our body. What a blood bath! This is why we made sure that we use a technology that does not kill anything in the fruit. We are using ‘low temperature heat wind drying technology,’ and in our process drying temperatures never cross 45°C

      Our fruit chips can be a wonderful meal substitution for growing children and adults as well as everyone out there on a constant look out for food when you’re in the mood to – just munch!

  • How do you dry the fruit?
    • Our process is fairly simple. We’re using the low temperature heat wind drying technology, for more details click here.

  • Don’t fruits need preservatives to have a shelf life this long?
    • There’s a reason we studied this long, researched this long before making the fruit snacks available to you! In our special drying process we draw the water out of the product. Just the water and not the vitamins and all the other healthy stuff in the fruit. The water drawn is done to a safe level. Doing so, micro organisms are not allowed to grow back. Preservatives are put in food items to stop micro organisms to grow. Well, we take care of that while processing itself!

      Bottom line, No! Our fruits do not need preservatives. We promised healthy and we’re giving you healthy.

  • Since they taste so good, do the fruits have any artificial flavouring or food enhancers?
    • What! Is the natural fruit flavour not good enough?
      We think it is! We say Wild plains – because we mean Wild Plains! From the plains in the same natural state it was plucked! Our fruits have no flavour enhancers- natural or artificial.

  • Can I consume the fruits even if I have a fruit allergy?
    • Sadly no- its real fruit and nothing else. So if you have a particular fruit allergy, we would advice against eating that particular fruit snack.

      Don’t be sad yet! On the bright side, we’ve got other flavours to choose from. If you’re allergic to one fruit you could always try the others.

  • Are the fruits non GMO?
    • Absolutely! When we say real fruit, we mean it! We stand by it!

      Frankly speaking, we don’t think genetically modified stands for Real, so we stand wholly and solely against it.

  • How do I buy Wild Plains Foods products for my store?
    • That’s simple, just click on the Contact link on the top of the page and it’ll take you to a form that should take you less than a minute to fill. Alternatively you could send us a mail on- sales@wildplainsfoods.com

  • Where can I buy Wild Plains Foods?
    • If you live in Dar es Salaam- you can buy them at almost any supermarket! We are developing our market in other regions around the world. Sadly though, this takes time!
      You could drop us a mail and find out if we’re going to be in your side of the world soon.

  • Is this safe for my kid?
    • If fruit is safe for your child this is too! But as it is with every other food- you’d want to watch your kids eating.

  • Are the nutrients lost in the drying process?
    • Absolutely not! Let us tell you a little about this awesome technology. After which we would love for you to check out more details here.

      In our special drying process we draw the water to a safe level out of the fruit so that the microorganisms aren't allowed to grow back. Just the water and not the vitamins and all the other healthy stuff in the fruit We promised healthy and we’re giving you healthy.

  • My fruit looks a bit dark- is it spoilt?
    • If you’ve left it open out of the refrigerator for over a month – then yes. However, if its a closed pack that has not expired yet, its because of the natural sweetness of the fruit. The sweeter the fruit, the higher the chances of it getting darker.

  • How long can I keep it unrefrigerated after opening?
    • When we tried it – it went till over a month! Once refrigerated, it can be stored until expiry. We recommend not refrigerating it for over a week since the fruit hardens a bit.

  • Where are the fruits dried?
    • In our factory located in Tanzania.

  • Where do you get the fruits from?
    • Some of the fruits are from our farms and others are from farmer communities in Tanzania.

  • Are the fruits Organic?
    • Not at the moment, but we will have an organic range in the future. We’re working very closely with farmers locally to educate them on organic farming. This is the first and the most important step towards going totally organic! Since we’d want to make sure that there is a regular supply for you.

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