Wild Plains Foods: Our name and identity

Our name and identity

True love of the land has always made us conscious of the Impact we leave behind.

The name and identity of Wild Plains Foods has been created for people seeking healthy snacks that taste just like the fruit. This is only made possible because they have been minimally processed & sourced straight from the Wild Plains of Tanzania. At the same time conscious efforts have been made towards engaging synergistically with the local communities and stakeholders to drive meaningful socio environmental impact! We’re involved in various impact focused projects in the key priority areas of Education, Health & Hygiene, Sustainable Farming, Conservation & Community Development.

The brand

The brand name is selected to reinforce a rich visual extravaganza that East Africa leaves in mind for those who hear of or visit it. It seeks to evoke not only the essence of Africa but also the purity of the natural fruits originating from the lush and virgin soils of Africa.

Our brand language seeks to strike a balance between being an Impact focused brand and a Snack brand that has no preservatives and is 100% pure & healthy.

We have complete visibility and control over the entire supply chain- from crop plantation to processing and packing. It helps maintain stringent quality checks right up to the final product, ensuring integrity, consistency and food safety. Our goal is to create tasty snacks that are good for you. To achieve this, we use natural ingredients without preservatives, sugar or gluten! Full of fiber, our fruit snacks also require no additional flavoring-just the real deal!

We offer snacks in 4 yummy flavors – banana, mango, pineapple, and papaya. Completely sourced and manufactured in East Africa, they are wrapped in bright colors that stand out – so you can spot & pick them up easily!

Our healthy and tasty tropical fruits snacks are now available in select Health stores in London as well as across various “Grape Tree” stores in the UK.