Why Banana is the prefect pre and post work out fruit

Banana Benefits

Bananas are an excellent source of Vitamins, Minerals, Potassium and Fiber. Did you know though that Bananas help in controlling high blood pressure? Not only that, unlike the popular belief, Banana is actually a low-fat fruit. The fat contained in Bananas helps to keep our blood cholesterol levels in check, decreases the risk of heart diseases and helps regulate sugar consumed from other foods. The fact is that there are some surprisingly digestion friendly consequences for a fruit that might casually be dismissed as being too high in sugar to be digestion friendly.

Studies have shown that eating a banana is as good as drinking any sports beverage with carbohydrate and minerals. No wonder Bananas are considered the athletes’ fruit.

Banana is really a magical fruit, so much so that it should be called Magic!

 Banana is the prefect

Banana pre workout benefits

Working out on an empty stomach isn’t the best thing to do – it might end up doing you more harm than good. The process of digestion while exercising causes the body’s temperature to increase which further leads to using more nutrients.

Carbs provide the main fuel source of providing energy to your brain. This is why the best pre workout snacks are ones that are high in carbs and moderate in protein and fibre. Bananas are the perfect snack because they are high in natural carbs and have a lot of potassium. Bananas facilitate slow release of glucose into your bloodstream for the perfect workout. They help with the overall digestion process that is elevated during a workout.

Most people about to go on a run or hit the gym end up carrying energy drinks that have high replenishment salts, vitamins and sugar. A banana does just that and gets through the intestines just as fast as any drink can. In addition, they stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain which helps improve antioxidant capacity which in turn combats the damaging effects of free radicals.

Banana post workout benefits

The carbohydrates in the bananas are again the ones that help rapidly replenish muscles energy levels and help protein reach your muscles. Banana metabolites “knock down” a gene that promotes pain and inflammation after exercise. This means that next time you feel like you need to take a pain killer after an exercise- try a banana instead!

Banana is the prefect