Tumaini’s story

Tumaini is a part of a family of 5. She has memories of how life was when she lived with her parents a few years ago. She had been in school a month when her father passed away. Since her mother’s wages barely got them through the day, giving them a single meal a day, she and her 3 other siblings had to drop out of school. Life only got tougher for them from there until they were taken in to Green Pastures home, a home for children.

Tumaini s story

Every child in this children’s home has a similar story to tell. Some have lost either one or both of their parents, some that have never seen their parents and others that have a faint memory of their parents that they would rather forget. In a lot of ways, these children, due to their status, end up being neglected & the impending danger to their lives, misunderstood.

Green Pastures Home is located in a part of Tanzania that faces water shortage due to lack of a water supply network. It also faces lack of infrastructure development due to constant shortages of funds. They were forced to pay extortionate prices for water that was often unsafe for drinking. Thus, leaving little to no money with the ‘home for children’ to spend on anything other than water.

Tumaini’s storyTumaini’s story

Our Impact project here has been (and will continue to be) to give a helping hand in every aspect needed. We have installed water tanks that collect water harvested by the rain, helped install an underground hand pump, developed kitchen & washroom facilities and refurbished flooring & ceiling. For children that were born into some of the worst living conditions, our project in this Home for children is so fundamentally and emotionally life- changing that it cannot be explained in a few words in a blog. It is something you have to visit or experience to know the positive effect.

Tumaini’s story

The chaos theory suggests that small differences in initial conditions can yield widely diverging outcomes; making a small difference to your everyday snacking habits could have a huge impact to someone else’s life.

Most people who buy our snacks know that every pack of Wild Plains Foods purchased funds education, health & hygiene, sustainable farming, conservation & community development projects in East Africa.
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