Papaya – The Superfood

Christopher Columbus liked Papaya so much that he called it the ‘Fruit of the Angels.’ We agree! This golden colored, fragrant fruit, bursting with juice deserves all the praise. Not only is Papaya easy to peel and slice, it is a fruit that is as medicinal as it is flavorsome


It has various antioxidant properties. Here are some of the numerous health benefits the fruit has to offer:

Help with a better digestion as it contains certain enzymes with stomach comforting properties
Help regulate menstruation
Help with weight loss
Excellent for preventing infections
It kills dead cells and purifies the skin which also helps reduce acne
They also treat many other skin related problems – such as rashes and skin burns
Improve heart health
Help fight against cancer

Not just the fruit, the whole tree is loaded with goodness of papain and other nutrients that make it a Superfood. The seeds, leaves and flowers of the papaya tree are known to have healing properties.

Papaya leaves are useful for treating dengue, they have:

Antimalarial properties,
Lower the sugar levels,
Help in hair growth.

The flowers of the Papaya tree are a rich source of vitamin A, C, and E along with having antioxidant properties. Even the seeds of a papaya tree are rich in medicinal properties. They heal cirrhosis of the liver, improve kidney health along with preventing renal failure.

The Superfood

Have Papayas for breakfast or as a late afternoon snack and experience the delightful fusion of taste with health. Papayas can also be had in the form of jams, salads, baked in bread, smoothies..your imagination is the limit! If you are the kind of person that spends a lot of their time outdoors, some Dried Papaya might be just the thing for you! Munch away as with each bite, it is fighting free radicals that age your skin.