Impact a girl, impact the whole community

When you change a girl’s life, you are changing the life of the whole community.

Revisiting some of our old projects and talking about the impact installing a water source has had on the girls, has been an eyeopener for us. For girls in East Africa, life is tougher. Challenges such as dealing with menstrual hygiene, gender roles, stereotyping & violence are common. There is an overwhelming need for projects & services to help transform and protect lives of women that can act as change agents in the wider community. We met up with Rehema who dreams to becoming a teacher one day in a school that has more girls than boys. She says that’s because “girls have it tougher than boys, its just our role!”

whole community

Before easy access to water, girls were struggling to attend school or go out to play with their menstrual hygiene needs ignored (one of the many problems they have). By having clean water & access to it, means that young girls like Rehema can go to school every day instead of walking miles to collect water. It means that girls like Rehema can get an education, get a job and make their dreams come true.

whole community

As these young women grow into having families of their own, they are equipped with the right set of skills and knowledge to further ensure they inculcate the right values in their children (girls and boys alike). Better informed and educated girls will go on to work on bridging the copious equality gap in many African countries.  Every girl child that is helped, achieves her potential, creating empowered women who can support their families and their children out of a cycle of poverty.

Girls are a powerful force for change in this part of the world (and any other!). Thank you for supporting them. Thank you for making the decision to pick up a Wild Plains Foods snack pack. Making a small difference to your everyday shopping habits is having a huge impact to the lives of many!

Come make an Impact! Come, #ChooseForIMPACT !