Health benefits of Pineapple

Other than being one of the absolutely tastiest fruits to ever exist, Pineapple is the best source of Vitamin C,  Manganese, Bromelain you will find! They also contain Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, sodium, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, copper, thiamin, magnesium, fiber. Pineapples are a storehouse of several health benefits due to their nutrients.

Read on to find out the Health benefits of Pineapple :

Improves Bone Strength

Pineapples contain about 70% of the daily recommended manganese which helps develop strong bones and connective tissue. Some studies suggest that manganese along with other minerals may help prevent osteoporosis in older women.


Aids Digestion and Reduces Inflammation & heals wounds

Dried unsweetened Pineapple is particular are rich in Fiber and promote the passage of food through the digestive tract & stimulate the release of digestive juices to help food dissolve.  Bromelian, an enzyme that reduces inflammation and swelling is in plenty in Pineapples. Consuming Pineapples after an injury, sinusitis, arthritis etc can help with the healing time. It is also recommended for indigestion. The high collagen which is created by vitamin C present in Pineapples also helps heal wounds and injuries faster.

Eye Health & skin care

The high Vitamin C and antioxidants have many benefits including those of reducing many degenerative diseases that affect eyes. Vitamin C, is a super antioxidant that tones our skin. It can help clear acne, fight skin damage, and delay aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Good to consume to avoid Cough and Cold

The high Vitamin C & Bromelain help prevent respiratory illnesses. They also help treating and eliminating mucus which is contracted during an infection. It is the fruit to turn to for the prevention of colds and flu.

Improves oral health

Pineapples have astringent properties that help strengthen gums. You’ll often find dentists asking you to eat more pineapples. Astringent helps tighten the tissues to avoid tooth loss.

Helps regulate Blood Pressure & improve circulation

The high value of Potassium in Pineapples help ease stress in the blood vessels. It further increases blood circulation to the body. With blood vessels relaxed, flow of blood is less restricted, reducing hypertension. Pineapples also provide body with copper. Copper is a necessary element for the formation of healthy red blood cells. High red blood cell count increase oxygenation & help organs to function at optimal levels.

May boost immunity

Vitamins, minerals & bromelain collectively boost immunity & supress inflammation. Vitamin V helps reduce illnesses and further boosts the immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells.


Helps dissolve kidney stones

By regulating digestion and reducing blood clotting, pineapples help in dissolving kidney stones.

Increases Fertility

Pineapples have been connected to improved male and female fertility because of their antioxidant properties.