Food Karma & the Love we put in

Food Karma.

Food is essential for our survival. We have to eat food that is healthy and nutritious for a healthy body and mind. The impact food can have is immense as it is the single most important aspect of our existence. As a consumer the best we can do is to always ensure that while eating food we don’t harm anybody including: the nature and the environment. Maybe go a step beyond that: by choosing food that has the potential to do something good for someone; be it choosing to buy products from a local farmer to increase his income or to buy from a brand that is doing good.

Food Karma

How we Dry with “Love”

Food is as good as the ingredients that go into making them. To this day we spend the most amount of time in selecting the raw materials. That is why we have now started closely monitoring not only the raw material (fruits) right from the time they are in the farms but, we also try and do our bit in helping the communities that grow the raw materials via our community development, education, water & hygiene projects.

1 of 6 people lack access to clean drinking water in Tanzania. About 87% of the population has no access to improved sanitation, about 52% of the schools have issues in infrastructure. There’s still time to change this very disturbing vision of the future and we’ve started to do our bit in changing it.

We abide by this also by doing the best we can for our staff: accommodation, fair wages, community development. (more on this in another blog!)

At the factory, the fruit is washed in clean, treated water. They are then peeled, cut and dried without any additives for long periods at low temperatures. About 50% of the energy in our factory is currently run by renewable sources such as Solar & Biogas.

We believe that you not only eat the food but also the emotions associated with everyone involved in growing, processing and packing the food. It’s key to ensure that everyone is happy, throughout the process & nothing or no one is hurt. The beginning, middle and end. We love our farmers, love our employees, love our factory, love the environment, love the fruit & love our customers.

Food Karma