Are you eating sulphite free Dried Fruits?

Is the Dried Fruit you picked up bright and really lustrous? Chances are, it has added sulphites as a preservative.

Sulphites are some of the most common preservatives used in Dried Fruits and other snacks. It’s a rather common addition to snacks as it adds to the “pretty factor “of the food. Historically, sulphites have been used since ancient Roman times to sanitize wine vessels and were introduced as a food preservative in the 1600s. In the ’70s and ’80s, the use of sulfites as food preservatives drastically increased, as did the number of people who began experiencing reactions.

Although small doses will probably not do much harm to healthy individuals (at least not in the short run!), sulphites otherwise can cause a wide range of problems. Serious asthma attacks for instance can be triggered by small amounts of sulphites. Healthy people can also experience headaches, skin rashes, digestive disorders, lung irritations, nausea, & other allergies.

Dried Fruits

More often than not, Dried Fruits contain sulphites. Do we really need sulphites though in the Dried Fruit? Hell no! Dried fruit, due to its low moisture content doesn’t need any preservatives. Case in point : Wild Plains Foods.  Living well begins with eating well. Why should we then be eating any harmful additives like sulphites in any food that can do perfectly without them?

The harmful effects of suphur are not just limited to damages to your body. It is one of the top 2 air pollutants, a corrosive gas, causes respiration, liver & lung diseases. It is a surprise that something this harmful is used as a food preservative in many common snack foods. So next time, do not forget to check if your Dried Fruit contains sulphur!